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The importance of the patent of the idea of (Optional Pause Void in Tajweed Quran:

Since (there is no Compulsory Pause in the Quran), the idea of the Pause Void, fpr which Dar Almarifa had a patent, and which was implemented under the approval of the Syrian General Ifta Department then the approval of printing issued by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, has shown that the Pause Void means optional pause and not compulsory pause, where the vocalization on the last letter of the word on which the pause is optional has been bordered by a small square (to indicate that the vocalization here is silent when pausing) according to the rule (not permissible to pause on a vowel).

If the reciter does not want to stop, he should recite the vocalization of this letter and resume reciting.

The importance of this Optional Pause Void is to avoid any pause which its meaning is not appropriate to the greatness and majesty of the Quran. The letter of the General Ifta Department clarified this matter, in which it is stated: (The processing of the Tajweed rule at the pause void, as required by the meanings – according to the official approved Qurans, whether printed or heard in Tajweed- is a blessed and glorious work devoted to the service of the Book of Allah Almighty, as long as it does not distort the aesthetics of the Naskh script in the Ottoman drawing. As for the fear of adding a letter or a word at the pause void, it is completely unlikely , because such a fear could be in, Allah forbid, placing a dot or other on any letter of the Quran, which completely changes its meaning, but Allah preserves His Book from any tampering.

The Optional Puase Void helps the reader’s eye to prepare the mind to recite the Quranic sentence correctly, as Tajweed is (the correct manifestation of articulation and the places of puase). . Al-Azhar Al-Sharif approved the application of the idea of the Pause Void in the Tajweed Quran, with the unanimous approval of the Quran Review Committee and the approval of the Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

Thus, Allah honored us with the spread of this Tajweed Quran throughout the world, and people of all levels have benefited from it, in addition to most of Quran memorization institutes adopted it, praise be to Allah .